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We are specialized Wedding Catering Services in Chennai to a variety of Wedding Occasion, Traditional Events, Marriages, Birthday Parties and other small events.We offer the best catering services in Chennai to celebrate your special moments without compromising on the basic religious requirements. We never compromise on “Quality” as that is a part of our DNA. We focus on Vegetarian catering and also known as best Iyer & Iyengar catering in Chennai.

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Garlands & Flowers


24 hours Coffee Point

Fresh Juice

Mineral Water & Bottled Water

Vaideega Materials

Pattu Pai

Kasiyatra Materials

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  • Muhurtha Sapadu

  • Reception Dinner

  • Malabar Sadayai

  • Kattusadha Koodai

About Us

Founded in 1996, In beginning the original name was "SRI SAI CATERING SERVICES", then it is newly named as "SRI SAI HASINI CATERING SERVICES" as a pure vegetarian caterers. We are very proud to be involved in this profession right from forefather’s generations. Almost, we have crossed 20 years in a branded name to establish ourselves firmly as one of the top-notch in the profession.

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